Digital Archiving PRO
reel-to-reel or compact cassette
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transfer save your slowly deteriorating tapes:

  • magnetic tape up to 14-inch reels
  • compact cassette
  • optional noise reduction, restoration and remastering

We provide professional audio transfer services to digitize, restore, and preserve sound recordings in a wide array of current and obsolete formats. Whether you have valuable master tapes, a collection of oral histories, family recordings, deteriorating, damaged or obsolete media, or even just a favorite out-of-print commercial recording that you can no longer play, we can help you.

Our work is state-of-the-art – we extract the best possible sound from your recordings. The result is “audiophile” quality sound (up to 96kHz at 24bit), with as little distortion and noise as possible and close attention paid to finer nuances like biasing, bleeding, imaging and sound stage – all without detracting from the feel of the original recording.

The processes and equipment that you will find in our preservation lab are identical to – and in many cases better than – what you would find at a major record label or national archive. Which is why these organizations are also our clients.

We have the experience needed to create digital preservation masters engineered to stand the test of time.

Tape Handling

Every tape is wound tail out, leaders are added or replaced as needed, and splices inspected and replaced, too. We collect large amounts of technical metadata for each tape, ranging from tape stock description, dimensions, base, binder, and back coating to format and condition. The preservation master together with the metadata make for a complete digital proxy of the original tape and recording. We can even scan the tape boxes, cue sheets, and engineering notes for inclusion with the audio preservation masters.

The Studer A820 has amazingly precise tape handling, producing the best possible tape packs – perfect for long-term storage. All of this adds up to the lowest possible tension forces on your tape and extremely gentle tape handling.