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Please add this to any of our services if you want your track mastered for Apple Music (Apple Digital Master)

Apple Digital Masters is a program that focuses on the quality of music source files. Music that is encoded in 24-bit audio format is known for its exceptional dynamic range, which is maintained during the encoding process to AAC. The resulting files are practically identical to the original source files, with even the best audio engineers struggling to tell them apart on high-end audio equipment. While there may be some subtle differences that experts can detect, they may not be able to say which version they prefer.

Apple Digital Masters is not about comparing AAC files to CD or vinyl. Instead, it is about creating the best possible master for each medium, taking into account its unique characteristics. The program offers a streamlined digital audio workflow, encoding, and submission process that has been designed specifically for Apple Music and the iTunes Store. The resulting files offer exceptional sound quality while maintaining optimal file sizes.

Overall, Apple Digital Masters offers world-class audio quality that is accessible to everyone. With less noise and higher fidelity than ever before, it provides an exceptional listening experience that truly showcases the artistry of the music. To learn more and take advantage of this program, interested individuals can visit the Apple Digital Masters website.

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