Full Tape Mixdown






Ready to elevate your own recording to a professional mixdown?

You took your time with the recording and wanted to save costs by recording in your environment. Now looking for a professional partner for all further steps? We develop your mixdown by way of different versions and keep up a steady exchange via the Internet. Stylistically, we work completely unrestrained, all we need are clear visions of yours. We are also happy to bring ourselves creatively into your production. Just write us what you need! The final cut is the tape transfer that adds more magic and character to your mixdown!

This service includes a complete mix down of your project to Stereo Master Tape. In this case, you provide us all single tracks of your project separately – each file at the same length. TailOut prefers WAV or AIFF in 24 bit (not dithered!) or 32 bit. 16 bit might be OK for the listening pleasure from consumer media, but is not sufficient for digital processing.
The sample rate is dependent on your project rate. We will provide a professional mixdown and employ advanced mixdown techniques & some of the very best processing to get your song or track sounding tight and professional.

Please bear in mind, it is a lot of work and can take some ongoing communication to reach an agreed level of satisfaction since a mix down is still a very influential part of the whole creative process.

Please make sure to provide us with your previously uploaded material via the “Additional Information” field on the checkout page or our: