Mastering (No TAPE)


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This is the most common and desired option for a classic mastering (per track; multiply for EPs & LPs).
It’s recommendable if the premaster underwent this step in the production process already.

Send us your final mix or pre-master for vinyl-cut or digital distribution. On the mastering side, we use a combination of digital surgical and analog coloration tools.

We are especially caring for the preservation of analogue textures and dynamics. If needed we give first feedbacks, so the artist can improve the mix, before we start working on your music. That way we can achieve the best results sourcing the best possible mix. Of course adjustments can be made after the first mastering session to guarantee satisfied customers.

Frequently asked questions:

In what format do I submit my audio data?

TailOut prefers WAV or AIFF in 24 bit (not dithered!) or 32 bit. 16 bit might be OK for the listening pleasure from consumer media, but is not sufficient for digital processing.
The sample rate is dependent on your project rate, however we recommend the standard that is 44.1 kHz. Please be aware that two different sample rates (like 44.1 and 48 kHz) on one side on vinyl is not easy to cut (or more expensive). The work-around of conversion deteriorates the quality of the converted file.

Please make sure to provide us with your previously uploaded material via the “Additional Information” field on the checkout page or use our file upload: