Digital Restoration (<8min)
incl. Mastering


Digital Restoration & Remastering of defective music or speech from any medium.
Excluding transfer from media other than files
(please see our dedicated options here!).

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You found that lost Beatles album in your granny’s attic? You wanna go for the 26th remastering of that ‘rare’ Led Zeppelin LP? Or you just found the jam session recordings from your 5th birthday, but you can’t hear a thing on your smartphone? May it be a garage band recording, a voice recording of Martin Luther King, a miserably miked, but “that magic!” studio session, a radio play, audio book or demo tapes – here you go!


First of all – we don’t use presets! We use our ears, knowledge and experience considering target applications.


General services (to be customized upon prior agreement):

  • phase correction
  • de-noising
  • removal of humming, clicking and crackle
  • frequency balancing (EQing) to today’s standards (or specify the sound of your preferred – – decade for reference!), also balancing the spectrum in the left and right channel or balancing oddities in the mid/side relation
  • panorama balancing

Additional services included (on request):

  • editing (replacing bumps and irregularities by identical content)
  • manually adding hi-frequency content (pitch-shifting) to make dull recordings shine
  • manually adding subtle (formerly missing) stereo information to mono recordings
  • manually adding transient
  • remastering (optimization for certain applications like headphones in museums, radio play or commercial re-issues)

The product is excluding the transfer from media other than files!
Please have a look on our dedicated archiving service from reel-to-reel or compact cassette here!

Please make sure to provide us with your previously uploaded material via the “Additional Information” field on the checkout page or our: