Studer Control Plugin for Ableton (Max4Live)


Ableton Live Control Plugin for Studer A820 (2-CH), A816, A812, A807, Revox C270



Studer A8XX (A820…) and Revox C27X (C270…)  controlled by serial remote controller, resoldered 9pin cable (different studer pinout) to a usb-serial converter directly to Max/MSP (M4L) in Ableton Live. Transport and other important features now controllable in your DAW.
Its unbelievable how future proof the whole design in the mid 80´s already was!!!


Studer A820 (2-CH), A816, A812, A807
Revox C270
Ableton Live 10 Suite

More Infos here:

Studer A820 serial control (Max/MSP, Ableton)

Click to access RS232_ASCII_Protocol_Specs_2CH.pdf

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