Vinyl Rip (per side)
w/ hi-end converter & needle
excl. shipping


Rip it good!!! HQ vinyl rips with options for digital restoration!



You are a label or the artist with plans for a re-release of THAT sought-after record. No tape masters exist (if so – use our tape transfer option!). And you are the only person who has the vinyl in mint condition?


You are not sure about your abilities, but you don’t wanna be the next one being bashed in the online forums for releasing a poor vinyl rip?

Here is your solution!

digital recording directly from your delivered vinyl source exploiting this HQ professional signal chain:

  • on request: FREE vinyl cleansing for dust-free, brighter, “more open” playback
    (British “Into The Groove” cleaning liquid & micro fibre cloth)
  • dedicated cartridges Shure M44-7 (“warm” & bassy – recommended) or Ortofon Arkiv (more “HiFi” i.e. neutral)
  • Technics SL-1210 turntable
  • award-winning Schiit Mani pre-amp (or a matching Technics pre-amp on request)
  • Universal Audio Apollo x6 A/D conversion (Mytek Stereo 96 ADC on request) at 24bit, 44,1kHz (recommended), 48kHz, 88,2KHz or 96kHz (please specify!) with the best clock on the market (close to jitter-free)

We leave at least 3 seconds of “silence” on the lead-in & lead-out groove for further digital restoration (de-noising measurements) and individual adjustments. We leave the same headroom on all ripped files instead of normalizing them – so you can retain the original relations of single tracks.