Roland JX-3P TAPE KEYS (64 Multis, 60MB)


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The JX-3P from 1983 is a dual DCO synth with VCF, VCA and a nice stereo chorus that is less famous than the Juno 60. But it got some outstanding features such as Osc Sync and Crossmodulation, MIDI, flexible LFO, Pitchmodulation via Envelope and a 128 Step-Sequencer with external Trigger. I modified mine with the Organix upgrade to edit it via CC messages instead of the overpriced programmer.

Enjoy lush pads, warm bass, metallic bells and sync sounds inside a 64 patch Kontakt bank at your finger tips.

All the sounds were sampled via my trusty Revox B77 quarter inch machine for some extra LOFI warmth.

64 Multisamples as a KONTAKT bank (nkm)
60 MB