PEARL SC-40 Syro-cussion A820 Tape Samples (600 Oneshots, 155MB)


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The Pearl SC-40 is a hybrid drumsynth from 1985. Its equipped with 12 bit digital oscillators and analogue filters, controlled by drumpads or Midi.

Its not a rompler with stored drum samples but each oscillators has their own waveforms (32 are available).

Each voice is made of a strange combination between an oscillator, a noise generator, 4 egs and 2 bandpassfilters, creating a unique sound between early digital synths and analogue Simmons Drums that found their way on Aphex Twins Syro Album.

Each sound is available as original machine output and STUDER A820 master tape recording as well.

This collection includes 600 oneshot samples (155MB Wavs).