Roland TR-505 bent in BOSS BX-8 Mixer SAMPLES (48 WAVS, 6MB)


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The Roland TR-505 Rhythm Composer from 1986 is a drum machine and MIDI sequencer from the same family as the Roland TR-909, TR-808, TR-707, Tr-626 and TR-606. The drum kit includes basic rocking drum sounds similar to those of the TR-707, plus a complement of Latin-style drum sounds similar to those of the TR-727, all recored in 8-bit unsigned PCM data, with a 25.00 kHz sampling rate (non-linear DAC circuitry to simulate 12-bit resolution).

I modified my machine with volume pots, sample playback pitch and various circuit bends. Most of the stuff is not too far out since I enjoy a nice crunchy aliasing over a totally glitched drum groove – so do expect SP-12 aliasing goodness and phat drum sounds.

To make it even more yummy it was recorded via my beloved Boss BX-8 mixer.

The  sample library comes in 3 kits with different pitch, crunch and EQ settings.

6MB in 48 Samples, 3 Kits.