Meet the team

    Dipl.-Ing. Jacob Korn

    Graduated engineer, tutor, live-act and electronic music artist with 20 years of experience.

    Dipl.-Ing. Jacob Korn
    GRADUATED ENGINEER Media Technology
    Studer a820

    State of the art analog recording queen from 1989! Adds character to all sorts of material.

    Studer a820
    mastering grade tape recorder from 1989
    Sneaker DJ

    DJ & producer since the mid-90s. Our specialist for restoration.

    Sneaker DJ
    Master of Fine Arts, Producer, DJ & Vinyl Lover

why tail out studio?


high end tape sound and maximum fidelity for a budget

Smooth highs - rounded bass and mix glue

goodbye harshness - hello warm saturation and punch

customize the service and tell your vision

mastering, mixing or simply transfer your material to tape

Easy to use and quick turnaround

use your cloud service, send the link, paypal us and get analog