Tape Transfer (<8min)

24,99 excl. VAT*

Transfer everything!!! Bounce your single sounds, stems, busses, pre-masters, or finished masters to our A820 1/4″ tape machine.



We integrate the machine into the signal flow of your session with a specially-measured mastering tape (RTM SM468 for more Mojo), thus utilizing the warm, powerful, analog sound we all know and love.

The level for the tape transfer itself is adjusted by means of VU meters and by listening, depending on the material. There are no fixed values, but you can choose the character.

  • soft (moderate saturation by -6dBfs),
  • normal (just below 0dBfs, depending on the material),
  • hard (audible saturation – great for drums).

Please make sure to provide us with your previously uploaded material via the “Additional Information” field on the checkout page

Frequently asked questions:

What does the tape machine do?

Harsh, digital sounding heights are smoothed out, the depth increases thanks to saturation effects, which also improves the transparency of your mix. The bass range is compressed in a pleasant way, depending on the tape send level, without having an actual compressor in use. Bass and bass-drum blend together to create a fundament that improves the groove feel of your songs. Especially the drums get more volume through a tape transfer and remain in the foreground, especially in times of high sum-limiting.




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